The Bizarre Move That Haku Used To Win A Real Bar Fight

The Bizarre Move That Haku Used To Win A Real Bar Fight

Stevie Ray recounted a gripping tale of a bar brawl involving legendary wrestler Haku. According to Stevie Ray’s vivid retelling, the incident took place in a quaint town in Bismarck, North Dakota, where he unexpectedly found himself caught in the middle of a chaotic scene.

As Stevie Ray ventured into a local bar near his hotel, he stumbled upon a commotion involving Haku and several other patrons. Describing the scene, in an episode of his podcast Stand Up for Greatness, as “all kinds of s**t flying,” Stevie Ray witnessed him reportedly unleashing his formidable “Tongan Death Grip” on one of the bar’s occupants. Despite the pandemonium, Stevie Ray courageously intervened, managing to separate him from the altercation and escort him back to their hotel.

The show was not until the next day, it’s a big bar, a big cowboy club right across the parking lot from the hotel that I’m staying in, I walk in, I look across the club way over, and I see a bunch of the boys by the bar. As I’m walking over there. I see this scrum. This scrum breaks out. All kinds of s**t is flying, people flying, I get closer, I go through a couple people and Haku has a guy in the f**king Tongan Death Lock or whatever the f**k it was.

Reflecting on the surreal experience, Stevie Ray couldn’t provide an exact timeline of the event but affirmed the authenticity of Haku’s infamous finishing move, the Tongan Death Grip. From his firsthand encounter, Stevie Ray validated the potency of the move, emphasising that it was as real as it appeared on television.

True story, if anyone’s ever seen the Tongan Death Grip on television, it’s real.

What Is The Secret To Haku’s Toughness?

Haku revealed that he believes that his rich Tongan heritage is the reason for his legendary toughness. Haku opened up about how he was supporting his whole family in his home nation and that he had to fight to keep his credibility so that he could continue to wrestle to send money home.

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