The Big Show Joe Hendry Is P***ed Off Not To Be On

Joe Hendry WWE

Joe Hendry hasn’t appeared at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport and he is p***ed off about it.

In recent months, Joe Hendry has become one of the biggest stars in TNA and is now a popular part of the company’s recent partnership with WWE. Despite his popularity and impressive career so far, though, there is one show that Hendry hasn’t had a chance to appear in, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport.

With its real sports feel, Bloodsport has become a popular destination for wrestlers of all backgrounds, with even WWE recently allowing Shayna Baszler to compete at recent shows. Past events have also seen the likes of Jon Moxley, Minoru Suzuki, and ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey at the shoot-style shows.

Speaking to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Joe Hendry spoke passionately about wanting to compete at Bloodsport, saying people would be shocked by the kind of match he could have there.

“100%. I’ve put it out publicly. At this point, I feel I have to go and genuinely…I don’t want to say this but it’s p***ing me off. Josh Barnett, it’s p***ing me off that I’m not on Bloodsport. I have to do Bloodsport.

“I was genuinely tempted to go and learn catch wrestling and compete. I couldn’t do it now, but there was a time where I thought, I really want to do Bloodsport. I think I could have so much fun with it. I could surprise people. I can bring something to the table business-wise. I think people would be shocked and enjoy the match.

“I have a lot of respect for Josh and what he’s done for the sport of professional wrestling. That’s how he approaches it. He approaches it as a sport. I would very much enjoy it. You got the headline. I’ve already said it. It p***es me off that I haven’t done Bloodsport.”

If Barnett wants to see Joe Hendry compete at Bloodsport, he just needs to say his name.

Joe Hendry Victorious In NXT Return

On July 9th, Joe Hendry made a triumphant return to NXT. The star took the place of Je’Von Evans to team with Trick Williams against Ethan Page and Shawn Spears. The match saw Oro Mensah chasing Page out of the arena, leaving Spears to get hit by a Trick Shot from Williams before Hendry landed a Chokeslam for the pinfall victory.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.