The Bella Twins Change Their Name

nikki bella brie Bella Twins

The Bella Twins have unexpectedly changed their names on all social media as they enter their “next chapter”.

The Bella Twins are household names with WWE fans, and entered the company’s Hall Of Fame as part of the Class Of 2020. Both are previous Divas Champions, with Brie holding the title once and Nikki winning the belt on two occasions.

However, they have now made a change to both their personal social media and their joint accounts as The Bella Twins, where they are now listed as The Garcia Twins.

This brings them back to being under their given names, with Brie having the double surname of Garcia Danielson.

Hi I’m Nikki Garcia, Hi I’m Brie Garcia. And we’re the Garcia Twins. Welcome to our next chapter!

This has led to some speculation as to whether the pair have left WWE. Original reports from Pro Wrestling Insider that is not the case at this time. Naturally, this would also lead to talk that the name change is a sign that they are heading to AEW.

We’ve had some readers ask if this means they have departed WWE. We are told that as of this morning, they are still listed internally with the company.

However, this has shortly been followed up by a report from People, who have confirmed that The Bella Twins have left WWE as well as changing their names.

The pair are also slated to start hosting a dating television series this summer called Twin Love, which would seemingly also be under these new monikers. Nikki Garcia is also set to return as the host of the second series of USA Network’s Barmageddon.