“That Was Blow-Up Time”: Ahmed Johnson Reveals Why He Stiffed A Former WWE Champion

Former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson offered insight into the controversial altercation with Dustin Rhodes, also known as Goldust, during their 1996 King of the Ring match.

In an episode of The Unsanctioned Podcast, Ahmed Johnson revealed that his actions, which included delivering stiff blows to Goldust, stemmed from Goldust deviating from the agreed-upon plan. During the podcast, Johnson expressed his respect for Goldust’s wrestling abilities while shedding light on the sequence of events that led to the real altercation.

What happened was, is I told him not to be kissing me and stuff for real because we had rehearsed it to where he was supposed to put his hand over my mouth and kiss his hand.

Johnson explained.

Because it was live TV I couldn’t move if he did whatever he did that he said he would. And he didn’t do it. He kissed me for real. And I was like, ‘uh-huh’. That was blow-up time.

What Reason Did Ahmed Johnson Say Influenced Him Leaving WWE?

Ahmed Johnson stated that racism from Shawn Michaels and others played a role in his WWE exit. Johnson stated that during the DX, Hart Foundation, and Nation of Domination feud they wanted to hang Johnson from a rope and he refused to take part in that angle. Johnson believes that this and other race-related factors played a big role in his leaving the company.

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