Teddy Long Blasts Former WWE Employee For Lying

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Teddy Long is firing back against a former WWE employee who took credit for Long’s Hall of Fame induction.

When it comes to the wrestling career of 2017 WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long, fans likely remember him in multiple roles. Before his WWE hiring in late 1998, Long was known for being a manager.

In WWE, Long became a referee for several years before turning into a manager there as well. In 2004, Long was put into his best WWE role as the beloved General Manager of Smackdown.

Whether he was putting wrestlers into a tag team match or making somebody go one-on-one with The Undertaker, many WWE fans think of Teddy Long as the best GM in company history.

Teddy Long Says Former WWE Employee Took Credit For Hall Of Fame Suggestion

Mark Carrano was WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Relations who was involved in hiring/firing talent and relating information to talent. He also appeared in WWE reality shows like Total Divas and Total Divas. Carrano was fired in 2021 in part for sending garbage bags with content belonging to fired wrestlers, which was exposed when Mickie James posted about it publicly in 2021. Since then, others have come out to speak badly about him as well. Carrano started working for WWE in 1998.

Teddy Long had his own Mark Carrano story during an interview with Chris Van Vliet. Long says that when Carrano called, he took credit for Long going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“He called me that day about the Hall of Fame he said, ‘Yeah Teddy, we was all sitting down and we was having this meeting and I was sitting there with Vince [McMahon], and I yelled out over Vince and I said, Hey, Vince why don’t we put Teddy Long in?'” That piece of s**t ain’t tell Vince to put Teddy Long in no Hall of Fame.”

“Vince, he don’t operate like that. Vince knows who he wants in and who he wants in the Hall of Fame — that’s who made the decision on that and then Mark Carrano call me and act like it was him, it was never him. I knew who was in that meeting and I talked to him… He did stuff to a lot of people, I can’t speak for them but he’s just a liar.”

While Teddy Long has retired from WWE as an active performer, he did appear during the recent WWE Draft episodes.

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