Teddy Long Says Two Former WWE Executives Are “Worst Two People On The Planet”

Teddy Long

Teddy Long wants to holla at ya to let you know about two former WWE executives that didn’t like at all.

From 1998 to 2014, Teddy Long worked for WWE in a number of different roles. He was a referee, he was a manager and he was likely best known for his role as the Smackdown General Manager in the 2000s decade.

There were two things that Teddy Long was really known for as the Smackdown General Manager. That was when he would shout “holla holla holla” and make a tag team match between wrestlers who were arguing about something. The other thing Long loved to do was to tell a wrestler that they would go “one on one with The Undertaker” since The Phenom was a Smackdown mainstay for many years.

Due to his long run in WWE and other companies before that, Teddy Long was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.

Two men who are not in the WWE Hall of Fame despite their long runs in the company are John Laurinatis and Mark Carrano. Laurinaitis was a former wrestler named Johnny Ace that worked as the VP of Talent Relations in WWE for many years from the mid-2000s until his termination in 2022. Laurinaitis also worked as a Producer and in other backstage roles.

The reason John Laurinaitis was fired was due to his involvement in the Vince McMahon story involving “hush money payments” to multiple women that worked in the company.

Mark Carrano was the Senior Director of Talent Relations that was involved in hiring/firing talent and relating information to talent. He was fired in 2021 in part for sending garbage bags with content belonging to fired wrestlers, which was exposed when Mickie James posted about it publicly in 2021. Carrano started working for WWE in 1998.

Teddy Long recently did an interview on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge’s YouTube channel where he expressed his dislike for Laurinaitis and Carrano. When Mac Davis mentioned Long had good on-screen segments with Laurinaitis, Teddy admitted that he hated “People Power” Laurinaitis and Carrano.

“They were good because he didn’t know that I hated him in real life. He didn’t know it. I have no respect for a man that tried to stop me from feeding my family. A man that hated me for no reason. I’ve never done nothing to him. To come in my face and laugh and grin, it’s just unreal man.”

“I had the opportunity with one of the referees, that me and him rode together. I’ll leave the name out. He came and told me exactly what he was making as a referee. He was making more money than me and I’m the General Manager running this company (in the storyline). That was all Laurinaitis’ deal. Like I told you, him and Mark Carrano are the worst two people on this planet.”

Later in the Q&A, Long said that Laurinaitis claimed WWE didn’t make Teddy Long action figures because people wouldn’t buy them. Long also believed that Laurinaitis prevented t-shirts from being made that had Long’s likeness on them.

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