Ted DiBiase Shares Which WWE Hall Of Famer Got Him Into Wrestling

Ted DiBiase Shares Which WWE Hall Of Famer Got Him Into Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase opened up about the critical moments that steered him toward a career in professional wrestling and his lingering regret about not finishing his college education.

During an episode of his podcast, “Everybody’s Got a Pod,” Ted DiBiase reflected on the key events that led him into the wrestling business. DiBiase recounted a pivotal conversation with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk in Tucson, Arizona, where he revealed his commitment to a football scholarship at Arizona.

So I go to Tucson to see the Funks who I hadn’t seen forever. And Terry, I told him that I had signed a scholarship to play ball at Arizona.

Funk then proposed a recruiting trip to West Texas State, presenting it as a chance to explore another option while keeping the door open to return to his original plan. This suggestion became a turning point for DiBiase, who admitted that his true intention was to use the trip as a gateway into professional wrestling.

He says, ‘I can get you a recruiting trip to West Texas State.’ He says, ‘You can take this trip to West Texas State. You know, it’s free. And it gives you a couple of days to come by to come back and visit everybody.’ So, he arranges the trip. And that’s all, that’s all it took. It was me just getting back into that environment. I didn’t go to West Texas State to play football. I went to West Texas State because it was my doorway into professional wrestling.

Reflecting on his college years, DiBiase spoke about balancing wrestling and academics. He progressed through his freshman, sophomore, and junior years, even spending a summer refereeing before venturing into the Mid-South Territory with Dick Murdoch. Despite having just one year left in college, DiBiase chose to fully commit to wrestling, driven by his passion for the sport.

In a moment of hindsight, DiBiase expressed what he would tell his younger self, emphasising the importance of completing his education.

So Ted DiBiase, who’s talking to all the fans right now would say to Ted DiBiase back then, you dumb*ss. You only have one year left. What was one year? What would one year make a difference?

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