Taz Believes UFC Ripped Off One Of His Ideas


Despite saying that he “doesn’t give a sh*t” what they’ve done, Taz does feel UFC took one of his concepts for their own.

The UFC established the BMF Championship in 2019, with the winner of the fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz becoming the inaugural title holder. On that night Masvidal was victorious, with The Rock being the one to put the belt around his waist.

However, Taz has now taken to social media to discuss how the title belt was a ripoff of his FTW Championship, which he established during his days in ECW. The title is now still within the family, being defended by his son HOOK in AEW.

Yes, that BMF concept is a complete ripoff of the FTW title… I really don’t give a shit because fans who know the history know that’s the vibe I started with the FTW title in late 90’s….

In the original Tweet which ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ was replying to, he noted that many other wrestlers have tried to establish their own titles, but his is the only one which has stood the test of time.

Correct. Some fans don’t like it or feel it should be around but that’s ok to me! It has had buzz around it from the ECW years, negative or positive..don’t matter. FTW belt is STILL here, all the others that wrestlers created been long gone.

Whilst Taz’s in-ring days may now be over, he is a regular fixture on the All Elite Wrestling commentary team.