Taylor Swift To Cost Tony Khan More Money At AEW All In

Tony Khan & Taylor Swift

Tony Khan has made some costly changes to AEW All In to accommodate Taylor Swift.

The 2024 edition of All In is set to take place on August 25th, with the company once again taking over Wembley Stadium in London England.

In the weeks before the event, Wembley will be hosting Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, with the star scheduled for shows on August 16th, 17th, 19th, and 20th.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Khan revealed that Wembley requested AEW shorten their load-in time for All In to allow for Swift to play more dates in the stadium.

“The load-in is a very different schedule than what we had last year. If you look at the calendar of Wembley Stadium events for August of 2024, you’ll see that scheduled ahead of us is Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift being scheduled at Wembley Stadium ahead of AEW is a big deal.

“I have some interesting stories about how all of this came to be and where we’re at. It’s very, very fun. So, when Wembley approached us about our load-in and about these Taylor Swift shows, there was an opportunity for them to add more shows and we are going to do everything we can to abbreviate our load in time.

Despite it being “costly and challenging” to accommodate the request, Khan thinks it’s worth the effort.

“So basically, they came to us and said it would help us out a lot if you could load in your show faster because we’d have the opportunity to have more Taylor Swift shows, and could you guys do that? And we said, well, it’ll be costly and very challenging, and we really would like to help you out. And so yeah, I will.

“I think there’s so many great Taylor Swift fans and Wembley’s been great to us. We have a great relationship and it’s going to cost more, and we will double our efforts and hopefully score points with a lot of great fans and a great community of Taylor Swift fans.

“So, if we can make more Taylor Swift shows in London possible by speeding up our load-in and I pay a little bit extra to do so, but we still have a great event at Wembley. Everybody wins. And I’m not going to get crushed or killed in the process, so I’m fine with that. And I think a little bit of extra money and a little bit of extra human power getting the show put on, it’s worth it.”

Pre-sales for All In 2024 began on November 27th, with tickets for the general public going on sale on December 1st.

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