Tammy Sytch Denies Giving Sexual Favours For Drugs

Tammy Sytch Denies Giving Sexual Favours For Drugs

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch, known as Sunny, recently addressed rumours vehemently denying allegations that she exchanged oral sex with fellow wrestler Sabu for prescription medication.

During an interview on the Lingus Mafia podcast, Tammy Sytch refuted claims that she performed oral sex for the prescription medicine Somas. Sytch emphasised that any pills she took in the past were obtained through legitimate prescriptions, stating:

Any pill I took back in the day, I had prescriptions for, so why would I need it from anybody else?

During the interview, Sytch compared Sabu to other wrestlers she has been associated with romantically, highlighting that she would not have engaged in such behaviour with someone outside of her “regular type.” She stated:

Look at them and look at Sabu. Do you actually think I would totally go for my regular type and then go for Sabu? Honestly?

Furthermore, she clarified that nothing of the sort had ever occurred between her and Sabu, emphasising their long-standing familial relationship dating back to when she was 17 years old, stating:

Nothing has ever happened with Sabu. I’ve known him since I was 17 years old. We were like family members way back in the day.

What Else Did Tammy Sytch Discuss In The Interview

During the same interview, Tammy Sytch discussed and denied rumours that she had engaged in a sexual encounter with Seth Rollins back when they were both working in Ring of Honor. Sytch claims that a Facebook imposter was spreading the rumours and denied any involvement.

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