Surprising AEW Star Signed Up For 6 More Years

Ricky Starks Brian Cage AEW

One AEW star does not see themselves going anywhere else anytime soon and revealed that they have another six years left on their contract.

At the second-ever Double Or Nothing pay-per-view in 2020, Brian Cage made his debut for AEW as the surprise entrant in the Casino Ladder Match which he went on to win.

Since then Cage has been a part of Team Taz, competed against Sting in The Icon’s first AEW bout, was gifted the FTW Championship, and won the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Title twice while part of The Mogul Embassy, and it looks like there’s a lot more to come.

Speaking on the Lightweights podcast, Brian Cage explained why he doesn’t see himself moving away from AEW and that he’s more than happy with that:

I don’t see myself going anywhere else. With how long I’ve been there and how long my contract is for and everything else, it makes sense to stay put and I’m happy with that.

Brian Cage Part Of AEW Until 2030

Cage was then asked if his contract with AEW had around six years left to run to which he simply replied “Yeah, yeah.”

Brian Cage then confirmed that he has an agent that he uses on his deals and the agent takes over when Cage feels he’s gone far enough with negotiations:

No, I do have an agent. The first time I’ve used an agent was with this contract. My first contract with AEW, my contract with WWE and Lucha (Underground), it’s always been me. I finally used an agent this last time.

It was a little bit of everything, including bonuses. Like a DVD bonus menu. I basically talked to him, we went back and forth until I felt like, ‘that’s as far as I’m going to go,’ and then tag him in to add anything onto it. I felt like I got a little bit of everything with him.

Brian Cage recently turned on long-time ally Swerve Strickland but remains aligned with the Gates of Agony on AEW TV with that trio adding Hechicero to their ranks on the 31st of May edition of Rampage.

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