Stipulations Announced For KOPW Title Match At NJPW New Beginning

NJPW Shingo Takagi Great-O-Khan

NJPW’s King of Pro-Wrestling (KOPW) title match will have another special stipulation.

The KOPW title scene is where NJPW shows off its creativity. It’s in matches for this title that wrestlers try unique and unusual match stipulations to show that they can do more than just standard singles and tag matches.

And at NJPW’s The New Beginning in Nagoya on January 22nd, we will see just that when Shingo Takagi defends his KOPW title against The Great O-Khan.

According to the Wrestling Observer, both Takagi and O-Khan proposed their own stipulations. As of this writing, New Japan’s fans are voting to determine which one will be used in the title match.

Takagi’s stipulation is a “30-count pinfall match” in which the first wrestler to get a cumulative 30-count (with each count earning one point) wins the match.

Meanwhile, O-Khan proposed that he and Takagi fight in an MMA match. under his stipulation, both of them would wear a martial arts gi, the ring would be surrounded by lumberjacks, and the match can only be won by submission or TKO.

Furthermore, if O-Khan’s stipulation is chosen, Takagi must also put his future IWGP World Heavyweight Championship on the line as well.

There will be additional NJPW shows under the New Beginning name taking place two weeks later as well. You can find more details on those shows here.