Sting’s Son Reveals Advice From His Father Going Into AEW Revolution Match

Sting AEW Revolution Sons Scorpion

Sting went out in style at AEW Revolution in his final match and he had his two sons by his side.

At AEW Revolution in Greensboro, Sting competed in his retirement match when he teamed up with Darby Allin to defeat The Young Bucks in a chaotic Tornado Tag Team Match.

There was a special entrance for the Stinger that night because his two sons Garrett and Stephen were dressed up as old versions of Sting, which led to the Stinger’s official entrance joining his sons on the stage. Garrett was dressed like “Surfer Sting” while Stephen was “Wolfpack Sting” and they were the same outfits that their father wore when he wrestled earlier in his career.

When the bell rang, Garrett & Stephen even got physically involved in the match that saw them hit Stinger Splashes on the Young Bucks. Sting’s sons went to the back to watch the rest of the match, but it was a memorable moment for the family.

While talking to Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsco, Stephen Borden revealed that Sting said that his two sons should go out there and have fun.

“He obviously knows Garrett and I, so his perspective was, like, ‘Let’s not try to plant a bunch of different thoughts in Stephens’s head or Garrett’s head about how they should or shouldn’t just kind of let them go out and do it.’ So it wasn’t like, ‘Make sure to impersonate me in this manner or, you know, do this because I did this it was let’s just go out there.'”

“And ultimately, you know, it wasn’t about us at all anyways, and I think that especially the second that my dad walked out there, people could care less about Surfer or Wolf Pack Sting. So it was just basically go out there and have fun and enjoy the ride.”

The win by Sting meant that he retired from AEW as a Tag Team Champion and with a record of 29-0 in the company.

How Did Sting’s Sons Feel About Doing The Stinger Splash?

Stephen would go on to speak about when Garrett and himself got to do the Stinger splashes on the Young Bucks. The Stinger Splash is a running corner splash that Sting did in nearly every match he had over the last 30+ years.

“I think people the assumption was the Garrett, and I grew up doing Stinger splashes, you know, every weekend or something. We had our first attempts were the day before. And so, not a ton of practice.”

“And it’s actually something that looks so simple. But strategizing, where you don’t overshoot, is kind of more difficult than it seems. And so I actually was joking earlier. You know, if that was the free throw line that I pulled up from, I probably could have pulled up from half-court if I really went for it. But the last thing you want to do is overshoot and go over the top on your dad’s last ride. So, just a few cues from my dad to have fun and jump high.”

In other news regarding Sting’s final match, Ric Flair apparently wanted to turn heel on the Stinger as part of it, but that idea was rejected.

H/T WrestlingNewsco