Steve McMichael Admitted To Hospital

Steve McMichael WCW

Steve McMichael was taken to the emergency room on February 15th.

It’s been reported that NFL legend and former WCW star Steve “Mongo” McMichael has been admitted to the emergency room with suspected pneumonia.

A spokesperson for the family asked for prayers for McMichael who has been battling ALS since 2021. The star was taken to Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet with a fever.

“We are asking for prayers for Steve McMichael. He is going to the Emergency Room now with suspected pneumonia,” a Thursday evening statement from his family read. “We will inform you as we have more updates.”

Steve McMichael was admitted to the same hospital back in August with sepsis and pneumonia.

When Was Steve McMichael In WCW?

Before entering the wild world of professional wrestling, McMichael starred in the NFL between 1980 and 1994, winning the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears in 1985.

After calling time on his career, the former defensive tackle took his first steps into pro wrestling with the WWF before signing with WCW in 1995.

During his time with the company, “Mongo” appeared in storylines with many of the biggest names the promotion had to offer. He spent much of his early run as part of the Four Horsemen and wrestled stars such as Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, and the British Bulldog.