Steve Austin Shares What “Stone Cold Takes On America” TV Show Is About

steve austin stone cold takes on america

There’s a new A&E TV show featuring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the WWE Hall of Famer is letting fans know all about it.

Fans of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin may have wanted to see the 58-year-old wrestling legend have one more match at WrestleMania 39 earlier this month, but the Rattlesnake recently explained that the new A&E show that he’s a part of was very time-consuming for him.

In an interview recently, Austin said: “There’s no way, with the schedule I was doing that I would be ready” for a match at WrestleMania, so he didn’t do it. T

The new A&E show is called Stone Cold Takes on America and it premieres on A&E TV on Sunday, April 30th.

When Austin was pitched the idea for “Stone Cold Takes On America” he admits he thought it was the greatest idea he had ever heard for a show. Austin explained it to Sports Illustrated in a recent interview.

“I got pitched this idea, and I thought it was the greatest idea I’d ever heard. It was a range of emotions. There was some fish-out-of-water stuff. Through the good and the bad, it was all entertaining. It’s a cool show; I hope people enjoy it. It’s called Stone Cold Takes on America because that’s the marquee. But this was Steve Austin. That’s me. I’m a bit of an introvert for those who don’t know me, so there were some tricky situations. It was incredible, and I’m very proud of it.”

As he continued, Steve Austin spoke about how he was able to find a way to connect to the WWE audience, but it wasn’t always easy for him.

“When I left Dallas [in 1990], I was still driving a forklift and working a 40-hour work week. I shipped off to Tennessee to work in Nashville for Jerry Jarrett, God rest his soul. There I was, getting paid off what you draw. I’m on the bottom of the card getting a $20 payout every night, traveling 400 miles round trip damn near every single night, and you realize you need to get higher on that card. It took me many years. I was not an overnight sensation.”

“Through trials and tribulations, I learned how to identify with people. When you pay your dues, and you have to scratch and claw, you sure gain a different appreciation. I was never handed anything and I was never the chosen one. I worked my tail off to get the following that I did.”

“The fact that people still ask for my autograph, that never gets old. When you’re in the entertainment industry, and they’re not asking for your autograph, it means they don’t remember or they don’t care.”

Lastly, Steve Austin remains grateful for his fan base.

“All that I have, I owe that to having a fan base. I’ll never forget that, and I’ll never stop acknowledging that. My fan base has stuck with me, through highs and lows, and I am always grateful for that.”

Check out the preview clip of Steve Austin’s new show “Stone Cold Takes On America” below.