Steve Austin Reveals Which WWE Storyline Was The “Worst I Was Ever Involved In”

Steve Austin Reveals Which WWE Storyline Was The

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently opened up about what he considers to be one of the lowest points in his wrestling career—the infamous car hit angle at Survivor Series 1999.

Speaking candidly on an episode of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, Austin didn’t mince words in labelling it as “the worst storyline” he was ever involved in. Reflecting on the events of 1999, Austin revealed the challenges he faced due to the necessity of undergoing a neck fusion, which forced him to be sidelined for approximately a year. He didn’t hold back in expressing his discontent with the angle, bluntly characterising it as the nadir of his career.

Yeah, about ’99 because I had to get my neck fused. I was gone for about a year. You caught the worst part of my career! Me being clipped by a god dang car! S**t, that was the worst storyline I was ever involved in. But we had to come up with a way so that we could get my a** out of the way. That was ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, I had to get my neck fused up and that was a suck-a** angle.

Which Wrestler Was The First Person To Knock Out Steve Austin?

Steve Austin revealed that The Undertaker was the first person to ever knock him out. Austin recalled a match between himself and Undertaker in which The Deadman went to give Austin a backdrop but Austin kicked him in the chest which forced Undertaker upright and in doing so he collided the back of his head with Austin’s jaw which knocked him out.

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