Steve Austin “Owes A Huge Part Of His Career” To Bret Hart

Bret Hart faces off against Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1996

Bret Hart and Steve Austin’s rivalry helped define each other’s career as one man’s time at the top of WWE was coming to an end and the other’s was just beginning.

Austin ran his mouth about Hart throughout 1996 and when Bret Hart returned to WWE after several months off following WrestleMania 12, a bout with Austin was inevitable. The two men squared off at Survivor Series 1996 with Hart picking up the win. But the two men set an even higher standard when they met in a Submission Match at WrestleMania 13.

Speaking to The Wrestling Classic, Steve Austin explained how The Hitman had imparted some wisdom to him before the 1997 encounter, something Austin says means he owes a huge part of his career to Hart:

“We went into [WrestleMania] 13 and we went to a room and we knew what we needed to do and we went out to the ring and Bret said, ‘Hey,’ and he gave me the idea for something that happened in that match. So, I owe a huge part of my career to Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.”

“I love the guy, I respect him, we wrestled all over the world and we have a mutual respect for each other. Bret Hart helped make ‘Stone Cold’ in the largest degree possible.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin also recently explained why he won’t be a part of WrestleMania 39 and says it’s time WWE focussed on its current stars.

h/t Wrestling Inc.