Steve Austin Credits Legendary Actor For Inspiring His WWE Look

steve austin wwe champion

Steve Austin decided to shave his head in WWE after watching a very popular movie featuring a legendary actor.

When Steve Austin first became known in the world of pro wrestling he was named “Stunning” Steve Austin in WCW. The look he had at the time saw the future “Stone Cold” with long blonde hair Austin became a tag team with Brian Pillman called the “Hollywood Blondes” that bragged about how good-looking they were, just like movie stars.

Upon his WWE debut in 1995, Austin was named “The Ringmaster” and he had a much shorter look, but he wasn’t bald yet. Austin also didn’t have the goatee that would be part of his look in the years that followed.

While appearing on the Up Up Down Down WWE 2K23 video game livestream on YouTube, Austin said he hated how he looked early in his WWE run, so then he took some inspiration from the movie Pulp Fiction, which featured legendary Bruce Willis, who had the bald-headed look for many years. Austin talked about how Willis’ look led to his change.

“We were working in Pittsburgh one night and I was traveling down the road with Goldust. I still had the buzz haircut. I didn’t have the goatee. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like a raggamuffin. I looked at myself and said, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’, so I just shaved my head. I went to the building that night and everybody said, ‘Dude, why did you shave your head?’ The hair would do me no good anyway.”

“It was inspired by Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction. So anyway, that’s where I started growing out that goatee, and once I got all the pieces together, and you get all that knowledge, but it’s not always about technical wrestling. It’s great to be able to wrestle technically or wrestle pretty, but it’s about, what does this character mean? So I started learning to implement the character traits that transferred to the people and then they can identify with and either love, respect, or hate.”

During the same discussion, the WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin also named The Rock as one of the guys that sold the Stone Cold Stunner the best during Stone Cold’s career as a wrestler.