Steve Austin Gave A Former UFC Champion Some Unforgettable Advice

Steve Austin Gave A Former UFC Champion Some Unforgettable Advice

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Josh Barnett, recently delved into a pivotal piece of advice that Stone Cold Steve Austin shared with him, offering a simplified perspective that significantly impacted Barnett’s approach to professional wrestling.

Steve Austin returned for a surprise one-off brawl with Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38 in 2022, marking his return to the ring after his retirement in 2003. It was during this period that Barnett, seeking guidance, approached Austin at a gym in California, leading to a conversation that would shape his understanding of the wrestling world.

On an episode of the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast, Barnett unveiled the profound words of wisdom he received from Stone Cold:

He goes, ‘You know what Jake Roberts told me? Think shoot, but work.’ That’s the easiest way to put it. Out there, everything’s a shoot, but you’re working. That’s easy to say, harder to do, but it’s important.

Barnett, who made his wrestling debut in 2003 for NJPW and later became known for his commentary work with NJPW and as the host of GCW Bloodsport events since 2019, emphasised how Austin’s advice resonated with him. Understanding the essence of wrestling as a blend of reality and performance, Barnett acknowledged the challenge of making fans believe in the authenticity of the in-ring action.

I don’t care if people know it’s a work, if we’re really capable of it, the best out there will make you doubt.

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