Stephen A. Smith Wants To Be “Bad Guy Manager” In WWE

stephen a smith undertaker wwe

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith has expressed an interest in being a manager in WWE and he has made it clear he is completely serious about it.

Sports fans know Stephen A. Smith as the boisterous host of the ESPN First Take show that airs Monday to Friday on ESPN for two hours. It’s a popular show that features Smith and others debating whatever the hottest sports topics of the day are. In addition to that, Smith is a regular on ESPN/ABC NBA Countdown and many other shows as well.

In addition to talking about spots, Stephen A. is also a WWE fan that loved the sport when he was growing up and recently attended WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles as well. ESPN also put Smith to work at WrestleMania since he interviewed Becky Lynch as well.

While speaking on his Know Mercy podcast recently, Stephen A. made it clear that he wants to be a bad guy (heel) manager in WWE someday.

A clip that Smith tweeted included these words: “I left WrestleMania last weekend knowing one thing…I’d like to be in the ring…as a manager. Maybe in Dallas…with a cowboy hat on.”

As he continued on the podcast, Stephen A made it clear that he was serious about this while saying he wanted to be a bad guy manager like the great Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

“And by the way, I wasn’t joking about my participation in it. If Snoop Dogg can get in the ring, I can too. But I ain’t fighting nobody. I want to be a bad guy manager.”

That led to Smith talking about being a heel manager in Dallas to berate Dallas Cowboys NFL fans.

“I’d be a villain, I ain’t gonna lie, and I’d love it. Could you imagine if I had walked out there with a cowboy hat on as a bad guy manager in Dallas, Texas? Me? In Dallas? Cause you know how I feel about them damn Cowboy fans. Could you imagine? That would’ve been spectacular, I’ll admit.”

If Smith wants it to be in Dallas he might have to wait a while since they just hosted WrestleMania 38 last year, but if he is really serious then maybe he’ll have a role at WrestleMania XL (40) next April in Philadelphia.

Stephen A. Smith also appeared on the WrestleMania Saturday Kickoff Show as well. You can see the clip below.

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