Stephanie McMahon Sought After By Potential WWE Buyers

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon resigned her position as Chairwoman and co-CEO after Vince McMahon forced his way back onto the company’s Board of Directors but a new report says potential WWE buyers are keen to bring her back.

A sale of WWE has been the hot topic in the wrestling business since Vince McMahon sensationally swooped back into the company in the first week of 2023. It is believed that McMahon’s remit as Executive Chairman is to oversee a possible sale and media rights negotiations that will take place later this year.

Reports have suggested that McMahon would be keen to sell to an organisation that might retain his services but Fightful Select has now reported that many potential suitors do have a McMahon in mind but the name on their contract would read Stephanie McMahon.

The report noted that “numerous sources” related to possible buyers indicated that Stephanie McMahon would be a “desired return.” A source at Disney was quoted as stating “these companies are doing their due diligence, they’re following the news cycles, regardless of their public levels of interest. They’re aware of the things that would make audiences and staff happy. She seemed to bring a lot of positive to the company.”

Stephanie McMahon originally stepped down from her role in WWE in 2022 but was brought back within weeks after her father’s shock retirement in July. Whether or not she could be persuaded to return to the company no longer under family ownership remains to be seen.