Stephanie McMahon Celebrates Unique First In Raw History

Stephanie McMahon on the mic

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has once again made history.

WWE has come a long ways from the Attitude Era with how they present women on the screen, really cranking up in the image back in 2015 during the Women’s Evolution when Stephanie McMahon was a part of the programming, bringing on talents such as Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to WWE Monday Night Raw.

In 2019, the women’s movement ratcheted up even more, with WrestleMania 35 featuring a main event of Flair, Lynch and Ronda Rousey, with Lynch getting the victory.

However, World Wrestling Entertainment’s most recent female milestone actually has nothing to do with professional wrestlers at all. Rather, WWE Chairman and CEO Stephanie McMahon celebrated on Twitter the fact that the November 14, 2022 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw is the first television broadcast from the company that was produced by an all-woman photography tea. Stephanie McMahon rained down praise on all of the women, saying their names will forever be in the promotion’s history books.

“During last night’s #WWERaw in Louisville, @WWE’s Georgiana Dallas, Andrea Kellaway & Heather McLaughlin made up the first all-female photo team to staff a #WWE show – carving their names in company history forever! Thank you for all that you do!”