Steel Cage Match At NXT Deadline Ends In Controversial Manner

wwe nxt deadline steel cage

The Steel Cage Match at NXT Deadline ended in controversy when somebody not involved in the match played a big role in the finish.

At WWE NXT Deadline in Bridgeport, CT, two of the big matches were the Iron Survivor Challenge matches along with two championships. However, there was also a big grudge match on the show with former NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez facing Kiana James in a Steel Cage Match.

It was a rivalry built on jealousy because Perez and James started in NXT at the same time, but Perez has been far more successful. Perez is a former NXT Women’s Champion that won the 2022 Iron Survivor Challenge Match while James just hasn’t picked up as many big wins.

In the weeks leading up to this match, Perez and James attacked each other during matches, which led to NXT booking the Steel Cage Match at Deadline to allow them to settle the score.

Kiana James Wins NXT Deadline Steel Cage Match Thanks To Some Help

While some Steel Cage Matches have a rule where you can win by climbing out of the cage or exiting the door, in this case, the winner was only decided by pinfall or submission.

At one point in the match, Perez climbed to the top of the cage to tease a dive onto James, but James went up after her and there was no big dive off the top of the cage.

The finish of the match saw James call for the referee to open the cage, so James reached under the ring and brought in a steel chair. Perez avoided the chair shot leading to a kick to the gut. Perez was by the door to shut it, but NXT newcomer wrestler Izzi Dame was at ringside to slam the door on Perez’s head. James used the steel chair for the Dealbreaker knee to Perez and James covered Perez for the pinfall win.

After the match, James and Dame celebrated in the ring together to show they are now allies.