Solo Sikoa Pays Tribute To Umaga On RAW, Armando Estrada Reacts

Solo Sikoa

Umaga’s former manager Armanda Estrada has given his take on Solo Sikoa’s tribute on the most recent edition of Monday Night RAW.

The red brand’s 5th December 2022 presentation kicked off with a Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship defense against Kevin Owens. The Bloodline members were, unsurprisingly, accompanied to ringside by Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn.

It was also not a shock when the title holders retained, and now move on to face The Brawling Brutes combination of Sheamus and Butch this coming week on SmackDown. After the match The Usos continued to attack Riddle until they were chased off by Owens – however, he didn’t get rid of Sikoa at the same time.

Following a superkick, Solo Sikoa used his taped thumb to hit a Samoan Spike on Riddle, in a homage to his uncle Umaga. The attack continued and led to Riddle being taken out on a stretcher and wearing a neckbrace, after the use of a steel chair.

The use of the Samoan Spike did not go unnoticed by the wrestling community, and in particular Armando Estrada who managed Umaga after his own move from Ohio Valley Wrestling to the Raw roster in 2006.

Solo Sikoa has received a strong push since moving from NXT to be a member of The Bloodline, making his dramatic debut to attack Drew McIntyre during the main event of Clash At The Castle, helping Roman Reigns to defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.