Solo Sikoa Reveals What He’s Learned From Roman Reigns

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Solo Sikoa has opened up about what he has learned from being around Roman Reigns and The Bloodline this year.

It’s been a huge year for Solo Sikoa’s professional wrestling career. Solo was in NXT to start 2022, he suffered a knee injury that sidelined him while he was thriving and then he became part of the main roster in September at Clash at the Castle. After that, he won the NXT North American Title and recently got to main event Survivor Series with The Bloodline.

The Bloodline group consists of Solo’s cousin, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, his brothers The Usos (Jimmy & Jey), who are the WWE Tag team Champions and Special Counsel, Paul Heyman. There is also the “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn, who is a 20-year wrestling veteran full of knowledge just like the rest of the group. Solo’s father is WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi.

In an interview with the New York Post about his upcoming WWE debut at Madison Square Garden next Monday, Solo talked about growing up with The Usos and Reigns. Solo is 29 years old while The Usos and Reigns are all 37 years old.

“It was always Roman and those two. I was literally always by myself. I was always playing by myself, playing with my toys, playing with my video games. Whenever those three had gotten around each other, it was always those three. They would play with each other, football, basketball, they would go out to eat, and they would play in the yard. I never really go to hang around them how I wanted to because I seen it. Man, they got a cool connection. I want to have that.”

As he continued, Solo Sikoa spoke about how he was able to catch up now because he gets to be on the road with his brothers and Reigns.

“I think I’m catching up from all these years, especially the age difference. So I’m very, very happy, especially being brought up on the main roster with the family. I can actually get to catch up to them and talk to them how I want to talk to them now since we’re all adults.”

Solo Sikoa went on to talk about some of the advice he was given by Reigns, who has been a WWE main eventer for the past seven years and has been the Universal Champion for over 800 days.

“Stay out of trouble, you know what I mean? Keep your head down and just work hard. The eyes up, the ears open, the mouth shut.”

Another thing Solo mentioned is that Reigns gave him about how he carries himself when he’s performing.

“I think just carrying myself as a superstar, as a top guy. I always watch how he moves, how he carries himself, how he presents himself, how he talks, just his body language. I remember him telling me, ‘Before show time starts, I carry myself different. It’s different when I’m in the back and I’m talking to you and your brothers. But when the red light comes on, stand up straight, puff your chest out and you walk different.’ I remember that now.”

“I’m in the back and I’m kind of slouched over talking with my brothers. Then when our music hits, I’m three inches taller than I was before.”

Also in the interview, Solo Sikoa spoke about using the Samoan Spike as a tribute to his late uncle Umaga.