Why Solo Sikoa Might Eliminate Himself From The Royal Rumble

Solo Sikoa

Don’t expect to see Solo Sikoa celebrating and pointing at the WrestleMania sign in January when the Royal Rumble comes around.

The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting and highly-anticipated WWE events of the year. Part of that comes from the Rumble match’s unpredictability; you never know which wrestlers will appear, when, and with whom already in the ring.

With that in mind, some fans have already wondered what would happen if Solo Sikoa entered the Rumble. One prediction is fairly obvious: he’d eliminate as many people as he could, and if he was in the ring with the Usos or Roman Reigns, he’d go after anyone threatening his family.

But what would happen if Sikoa and Reigns were left in the ring alone? This question was asked in a recent interview with Sportskeeda and Sikoa gave an interesting response:

“Well I might not win the Royal Rumble. I might eliminate myself. I don’t know, you never know. If that opportunity presents itself, Maybe. But I know my role as the enforcer and that it’s to protect — anybody that tries to step up to Roman Reigns, gets knocked down.”

If such a thing happens, it wouldn’t be the first case of a wrestler eliminating himself from the Royal Rumble. Drew Carey did it to avoid Kane’s wrath in 2001, Cactus Jack eliminated himself while clotheslining Randy Orton out of the ring, and Kane eliminated himself in the 1999 Rumble after some asylum workers came out to try and commit him.