Snoop Dogg Loses His WWE Title While On Tour

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Snoop Dogg wants his custom-made WWE Title back after it was taken from him while he was on tour.

There’s a long history between rap music legend Snoop Dogg, who has been in the spotlight for 30 years in many different roles in his career. He has appeared at many WWE shows over the years including WrestleMania events in a hosting role and many other occasions in the past.

Snoop Dogg is also the cousin of former WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and even performed her theme song at WrestleMania 32 in the past as well.

At WrestleMania 24 in 2008 in Orlando, Snoop Dogg was the Master of Ceremonies for a unique Lumberjill Match between Maria & Ashley and Melina & Beth Phoenix. Snoop entered the stadium in a custom-made Mercedes-Benz cart and he introduced the wrestlers in a unique way. When Santino Marella tried to confront his ex-girlfriend Maria after the match, Snoop clotheslined Santino and Snoop got to kiss Maria after the match as well.

In 2016, WWE inducted Snoop Dogg into their celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

At the WrestleMania 39 launch party in August 2022 in Los Angeles, Snoop Dogg was gifted a WWE Championship that says “Doggfather” on the strap as well. With WrestleMania 39 taking place in Los Angeles in Snoop’s home state of California, he is going to be at WrestleMania 39.

On Instagram, Snoop posted a photo of himself with the golden WWE Title he was gifted while on his “Holidaze of Blaze Tour” but he mentioned that it was missing.

“This #WWEGoldenTitle is just perfect. I brought it out on The Holidaze of Blaze Tour to show the fans how dope it is but it came up missin!!! I NEED it 911 ASAP before #WrestleMania in Hollywood so if y’all see it, let me know!”

There is no word yet on if Snoop Dogg got his custom-made WWE Title back, if it was misplaced or what happened to it.