“A Lot Of People Would Be Smiling In That Position” – Ronda Rousey On Liv Morgan

Ronda Rousey chokes out Liv Morgan

Ronda Rousey has commented on the smile on Liv Morgan’s face as she lost the SmackDown Women’s Title to The Baddest Woman On The Planet at Extreme Rules.

At Extreme Rules, Ronda Rousey challenged Liv Morgan for the SmackDown Women’s Title in an anything goes Extreme Rules match. Plenty of weapons were utilised in the bout but the ending of the match saw Rousey trap her opponent’s head between her thigh, her shin, and a chunk of broken table, forcing Morgan to pass out with the referee calling for the bell and declaring Rousey the winner.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that as Morgan supposedly passed out she had a smile on her face, a smile that persisted while Rousey posed with her new championship.

Now speaking on her gaming stream on her YouTube channel, Ronda Rousey has commented on Liv Morgan’s smile and says that plenty of people would be doing the same if their head was stuck where Morgan’s was:

“Let’s be honest, a lot of people would be smiling in that position. It was kinda handy that there was a broken table right there that I could grab and grind into her neck. But yeah, apparently she’s into that kind of thing.”

Liv Morgan certainly seems to have something awakened in her from her ordeal as she recently sent Sonya Deville crashing through a table on SmackDown.

h/t Wrestling Inc.