Simon Cowell Shares Joyful Memories Of WWE Album

Simon Cowell Shares Joyful Memories Of Working On Wrestling Album

Renowned record producer Simon Cowell recently spoke of his experience as the executive producer of ‘WrestleMania The Album’ from 1993.

In a candid interview with entrepreneur Steven Bartlett on his ‘The Diary of a CEO‘ podcast, Cowell shared insights into the genesis of the album, its unconventional journey, and the enduring joy it brought him.

Cowell revealed that the inspiration for ‘WrestleMania The Album’ emerged from the monumental success of WWE’s sell-out event at Wembley Stadium for SummerSlam 1992. Impressed by the fervent support of WWE fans, Cowell recognised the potential for an album project.

Someone told me they sold out Wembley Stadium, 80,000 seats in 27 minutes and I’m like ‘What?’ I’m thinking their fans are so crazy about them, they’ll buy an album.

Describing his unwavering commitment to the project, Cowell expressed a resolute determination to bring the album to fruition despite skepticism from his superiors.

My boss at the time was so desperate for me not to do this, she got on her knees and said ‘Simon I’m begging you not to do this because it’s gonna be such a catastrophic failure’, and I’m like ‘Well I’m doing it, I just don’t understand why you don’t get it’.

When presented with a CD of ‘WrestleMania The Album’ during the interview, Cowell was filled with nostalgia, recalling the joyful experience and the camaraderie that characterised the album’s creation.

We had so much fun doing this, we really, really, really did. When I made the video I kind of turned myself into a kid again because you sort of have to believe it for it to work. I treated it as if it was a serious record, the record had to be a great record.

I thought logically it made a lot of sense, I’d sit in these A&R department meetings with really serious A&R people who would literally go bright red with anger when I would play them something like this [and say] ‘You’re making a mockery of this label and the music business’ and I’m like ‘Well who cares it’s number one in the charts in 28 countries.’ I didn’t understand why people would take it so seriously. It was a fun project.

The album would go on to reach number 10 in the UK charts upon its 1993 release.

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