Shock Heel Turn Leads To Jon Moxley Win On Dynamite

Jon Moxley

The issues between the Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite were only going to escalate following Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley’s cage match on Dynamite but the bout threw up a twist that nobody saw coming.

The issues between Moxley and Omega date back to the former WWE star’s debut in the company at Double Or Nothing 2019 when he attacked the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion to close the show.

The bad feeling has resurfaced recently as part of a wider problem between The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club which has seen the BCC abandon any pretense of wanting to be liked and instead seem intent on inflicting pain and suffering on anyone that crosses their path.

On Dynamite in Detroit, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega squared off in a brutal steel cage match that was littered with barbed wire, glass, and the BCC’s trusty screwdriver. However, the match appeared to be nearing its end when Omega hoisted Moxley up for the One-Winged Angel only for Don Callis to attack his long-time meal ticket with the screwdriver.

Callis watched as Omega crawled to his knees but rather than finish him off with another strike, he crouched beside him and whispered a message into Omega’s ear, and kissed him on the head before leaving.

Bryan Danielson – who had been on commentary for the match – expressed his disbelief at Callis’ actions so it is not believed that the Winnipeg weasel is in cahoots with the BCC.