Shelton Benjamin Talks Real-Life Relationship With Brock Lesnar

Shelton Benjamin Brock Lesnar WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Shelton Benjamin opened up about what Brock Lesnar is like in real life.

The friendship between Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar is well-documented. Not only were the two college roommates at the University of Minnesota, they went on to be part of the infamous 2002 OVW class that also included Batista, Randy Orton, and John Cena. As the Minnesota Stretching Crew, the two even won the OVW Tag Team Championship together.

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Benjamin opened up about his friendship with Lesnar, saying that while The Beast Incarnate is the nicest person in the world to people he likes, he’s not playing a role on TV when it comes to people he doesn’t.

“Something that you will be shocked to learn. Well, yes, everyone knows the Brock Lesnar persona. Now, if Brock is your friend he will give you the shirt off his back nicest guy in the world fun and cool to hang around with. That might surprise people how actually cool Brock can be if he likes you, keyword is if he likes you. But if he doesn’t like you he’s just he’s what you what you’re seeing on TV that’s not an act. Like you’re not seeing a different version of Brock.

You know, I spoke on this earlier Brock is not acting Brock is not playing a role. Brock is Brock. What you’re seeing that’s real. Brock does not [care], he’s not social. He doesn’t give a blip. Like Brock is Brock so don’t get it twisted. And yes, he’s a world destroyer. I call him a juggernaut like Brock is, he’s a bad boy.” (h/t Inside the Ropes)

Shelton Benjamin Wants Kurt Angle To Induct Him Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Elsewhere in the interview, Benjamin was asked about a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction. He said he’s put a lot of thought into the question of who he’s like to induct him, and while he considered names like Brock Lesnar, Gerald Brisco, and MVP, he revealed that Kurt Angle is his first choice.