Shelton Benjamin On Backstage Reaction To Superkick From Shawn Michaels

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Shelton Benjamin has shared what the reaction was like when he got backstage after a memorable WWE Raw moment with Shawn Michaels.

If you are a WWE fan then you know the legendary superkick spot involving Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin. You may also remember that was in part of an excellent match on the May 2nd, 2005 edition of Monday Night Raw.

It was part of something called the “Gold Rush Tournament” at the time as they ran a tournament to determine a World Title contender. That led to the Michaels-Benjamin match with Benjamin going into the match as the Intercontinental Champion, but it was not a title match.

At the conclusion after 10+ minutes of great action, Benjamin was sent to the apron by Michaels. That led to Benjamin, who is an incredible athlete, doing a leap to the top rope for a springboard attack all the way across the ring towards Michaels, who picked himself up against the ropes and delivered the most memorable Sweet Chin Music (superkick) of all time! Michaels pinned Benjamin immediately to win the match.

That spot has been replayed dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of times in WWE history as one of the most spectacular moves in WWE history.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube, Benjamin was asked about the backstage reaction to the superkick spot with Michaels.

“So standing ovation. When I went back to the curtain Vince and everyone’s like, clapping and like even Michael Hayes is like, you did some special tonight. And I was like, really? Again, I didn’t realise how special was, you know, I watched it back. Like this match is great. It’s really good. And but again, like I’m so like, is it really that good? Like, I didn’t think of it until like, I kept getting it in the very next week. You know, the kick is in the opening promos. I am like Okay, now, I’m starting to get it now. I’m starting to really get it.”

At the time, Benjamin was only on the main roster for about two and a half years.

Shelton Benjamin Started In WWE Over 20 Years Ago

In December 2022, WWE celebrated 20 years since Benjamin debuted on the main roster as part of Team Angle (led by Angle) with Benjamin forming a tag team with Charlie Haas.

During his WWE career, Benjamin has been a three-time Intercontinental Champion, a three-time Tag Team Champion, a US Champion and even held the “coveted” 24/7 Title three times. At age 48, he is still part of the WWE main roster although he is not featured heavily on main roster television at this point.

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