Sheamus – “I Thought My Career Was Gonna Be Over”

Sheamus cutting a promo

Former WWE Champion Sheamus says he thought his in-ring days were done and that’s why he treats every match as if it was his last.

Sheamus has been a major part of the WWE roster for well over a decade but back in 2019 it looked like the Irish star’s days in the ring were numbered after he had a prolonged spell out with injury.

The Celtic Warrior returned in 2020 and eventually found a new home with The Brawling Brutes on SmackDown where he has become one of the brand’s most popular stars. Sheamus brought the house down at Clash at the Castle as he battled GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship and although unsuccessful he received a standing ovation from the Welsh crowd.

Speaking on SHAK Wrestling, Sheamus has highlighted why he’s all about having banger after banger in the ring as any match could be his final one:

“I knew I had more to prove, and I came back and [thought] what have I got to lose? I thought my career was gonna be over and I got a second chance. Every time I get in that ring, it’s a blessing. It’s an opportunity to show everybody what I can do because that literally could be my last time in the ring. I don’t wanna go out that way, I don’t wanna go out in a way where it’s something lackluster.”

“So my mentality is to treat every match as possible, given the time and given the segment and given where it is, but try and make every match you do like a WrestleMania moment or a WrestleMania match. I can’t go out there and half-ass anything. It’s just not in my DNA. I wanna go out there and put on banger after banger after banger. I wanna raise everybody.”

Sheamus will break new ground in WWE again at Survivor Series as he will be part of the first main roster WarGames match in company history.

h/t Fightful