Sheamus Has Bigger Plans For WrestleMania Than Wembley Stadium

Sheamus posing on the turnbuckle at WWE WrestleMania 39

As calls for WrestleMania to be held in London continue to grow, Sheamus has another potential venue in mind.

Since John Cena made a surprise appearance at Money In The Bank in London to make a plea for the English capital to host the Showcase Of The Immortals for the first time, fans and stars alike have added their voices to the cause.

The latest of these is Sheamus, although he doesn’t see the city as the only option in the British Isles. He explained to WWE on TNT Sports that the event should certainly happen in those isles, but suggested Croke Park in Ireland’s capital city of Dublin could be considered as well.

“I’d love to see it happen, I think WrestleMania on this side of the isles would be great, it’s a question everyone’s been asking and I think it’s a question that’s very valid it’s something that should happen.

“Whether it’s in Wembley or an even bigger stadium like Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, you know what I mean?”

The star later joked that it would save that part of the fanbase a lot on airfares.

“It needs to come over here, help these Europeans and Irish people with airfares, you know what I’m saying?

“Keep it local, they’re spending all their money on flights and hotels and most of the people in that arena at every WrestleMania are from over here in Europe, they’re Irish, they’re UK and they’re European.”

“WWE is everywhere, we go to every single country” – Sheamus on WWE’s global reach

The Irish star admitted that the company might try a SummerSlam before bringing their biggest event to the UK, but he thinks WrestleMania at Wembley is the best way to have an “epic, history-making moment.”

“So I think it’s time it does, my only thing is, and I’m trying to play devil’s advocate here, but I think if there’s gonna be a major one they could start with SummerSlam.

“Not that that’s bad, but they’ve tested the waters, they’ve seen what Clash at the Castle has done, they’ve seen what Money in the Bank has done, like there’s no clearer way than to have a WrestleMania at Wembley, it’d be epic, another history-making moment and I think that’s where the company’s going.

“They’re going to start doing major pay-per-views in major cities all over the world, the world’s got smaller, WWE is everywhere, we go to every single country, we’ve got a show coming up in India in October, they could sell two Wembleys put together over there if they had a show, it’s just insane.

“To me the business hasn’t been hotter for a long time.”

While WWE might bring WrestleMania to Wembley in the future, AEW is only two weeks away from hosting its biggest-ever show in the famed stadium. The company has recently surpassed another record in ticket sales, beating WrestleMania III.

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