Shawn Spears On What Motivates Him In Wrestling

shawn spears aew

Shawn Spears has a very interesting outlook that keeps him going in wrestling.

On October 12th, Shawn Spears made his first AEW appearance in five months. He was brought in as a local guy to team with FTR to defeat the team of Bishop Kaun, Brian Cage, and Toa Liona. But while he got a nice hometown pop, few fans expect a major push for Spears at this point.

According to Shawn Spears himself, that’s completely fine.

During an appearance on Renée Paquette’s The Sessions podcast, Shawn Spears noted that he has accepted the fact that he won’t have some great or memorable legacy in the wrestling business. He knows that factors outside his control have made him have a love-hate relationship with wrestling.

But what keeps him going isn’t what random strangers think/will think of him; what keeps him going is his family.

“If you ask anybody, any wrestlers who come on here, who’s your Mount Rushmore? Number one, that is the most impossible question to answer, in my opinion. There’s so many categories, so don’t ask you that.

So what keeps me kind of motivated, and what keeps me kind of going is knowing that my legacy, the legacy I leave behind, will have nothing to do with pro wrestling, in my opinion. No one’s going to probably remember me in great detail after I’m gone, but my son will. My son will know what I’ve done. My future children will know what I have done. My family knows what I have done. My nieces and nephews will know what I have done.

If that is enough to kind of guide them down a path, a good path that can be beneficial to their life, and the life that they create with someone going forward, I’ve done my job on this earth.”

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