Shawn Michaels Says WWE Talent Get “Love And Passion Back For This Business” In NXT

Shawn Michaels NXT

Shawn Michaels is more than happy to show appreciation for main roster wrestlers coming back to work in NXT.

For most of NXT’s existence the brand has had a one-way relationship with WWE’s main roster: trainees come to NXT, learn and adapt, and then leave for greener pastures. Very rarely have wrestlers come from the main roster back to NXT, unless it was for negative reasons such as a lack of improvement or no creative direction.

However, there has been a change in direction recently as main roster wrestlers have started going to NXT for different reasons. The most famous example of this is arguably Becky Lynch, who recently defeated Tiffany Stratton to win the NXT Women’s Championship for the first time.

Shawn Michaels praises WWE stars for coming back to help NXT improve even further

Having all of this proven star power coming to NXT to help the brand grow hasn’t gone unnoticed by Shawn Michaels, who explained his attitude towards such generosity on a recent media call.

“I’ll just say this, the talent that come from main roster to work here, I absolutely, I just enjoy the time with them. I really do.

And I feel like we give them a love and a passion back for this line of work. I feel like they’re all better performers, whether they go back up to the main roster or they go somewhere else.

I do know that their last experience with us is always a positive one. And that’s something that again, I think is, it’s important to me anyway, that they had that experience here at NXT.”

As of last September, Shawn Michaels’ official role has been Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, which means he oversees all creative matters for both NXT and its scheduled sister developmental territory NXT Europe.

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