Shawn Michaels Confirms WWE Star Told To Take Sabbatical

Shawn Michaels WWE

Shawn Michaels has finally addressed the elephant in the room in NXT as he invites one WWE star back after recent chaos.

For weeks now Brooks Jensen has been out of control. Jensen has physically assaulted one WWE commentator and has repeatedly crashed NXT shows, being dragged away by security while everyone tries to ignore his presence.

Jensen has claimed to have been released by WWE as he continues to ramp up intrigue in his current storyline and now Shawn Michaels is taking control of the situation.

Shawn Michaels Believes In Second Chances

In a segment on the 2nd of July edition of NXT, Shawn Michaels made a statement regarding Jensen and revealed he was inviting him back to have a sit down with NXT General Manager Ava and confirmed that WWE has not released Jensen:

Over the past several months there have been several disturbances in NXT caused by one young man – Brooks Jensen.

If you follow Brooks on social media, he’s made some disparaging remarks about the NXT brand. I’ve seen reports claiming Brooks was released from his contract but that is not the case.

After a split from Josh Briggs, Brooks began to spiral and he was asked by NXT management to take a sabbatical to clear his head and get himself together. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We were forced to take action to keep him away from live events and TV.

The easiest thing to do after his behaviour would be to let him go but Brooks is a part of the NXT family and I believe in second chances. Next Tuesday I’d like to invite Brooks to have a sit-down discussion with out NXT GM Ava to talk about his future and see if we can steer him in the right direction. Thank you.

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