Shawn Michaels Issues WWE Main Roster Warning To Bron Breakker

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Bron Breakker is in high demand.

At the Royal Rumble, Bron Breakker exploded onto the main roster by eliminating four WWE Superstars in the men’s Rumble match.

Since turning heel, the former NXT Champion has seen his star climb higher than ever, and following his Royal Rumble appearance declared that he was now a main roster star.

However, NXT boss Shawn Michaels isn’t ready to let go of one of his brightest stars.

Appearing on the Battleground Podcast, Michaels was adamant that Breakker has more work to do in NXT.

“He may feel like that’s his home, but he still has work here in NXT to do, whether he likes it or not. Our job is to lose talent. He’s one that, I’m going to have trouble letting him go. I can assure you that there is more left for Bron Breakker here at NXT, one way or another.

He’s an incredibly talented, very gifted young man. As far as I’m concerned, he’s young and, as we say, full of piss and vinegar. If he wants to double time, he can certainly do it, but I’m not letting him go that easy,”

Bron Breakker Replaces Brock Lesnar

On January 25th a new lawsuit emerged featuring claims that Vince McMahon committed several sexual assaults while he was also accused of sex trafficking.

The lawsuit also implicated other WWE employees as well as a former UFC champion and current WWE star. Although he went unnamed in the suit, the Wall Street Journal reported that the star in question was Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar had been due to return to WWE at the Royal Rumble following a lengthy break, but these plans were scrapped in light of the report.

With Brock Lesnar pulled from the Royal Rumble match, Bron Breakker stepped in to replace him.

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