Shawn Michaels Discusses Triple H’s Current Role In NXT

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Whilst NXT may have been the brainchild of Triple H, current head honcho Shawn Michaels has confirmed what role ‘The Game’ currently plays with the brand.

Triple H is credited for the early days of NXT, as well as supporting the stars who came through in the early days of the black and gold brand. When he became the top dog behind the scenes in WWE, he quickly leant on ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ to take the reigns of NXT and nurture the next generation.

In a new interview with the Culture State podcast, Shawn Michaels has revealed that whilst he has control of the weekly show, there is still a very watchful eye coming in from Triple H.

From a weekly television standpoint, what we do on ‘NXT’ is more or less my ballpark.

He obviously watches the show, he sees the people that appear to have promise in his sight and in ours as well. I think he takes a mental note of who he sees and what he sees in them, and I’m sure he makes his crew aware of it as well. And then whenever those times come when they feel like they’re ready for a call-up or they see a need that they might have, that’s when they would give us a call.

Baron Corbin also recently gave an insight in to Triple H’s management style since becoming WWE’s Chief Content Officer.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.