Shawn Michaels Addresses The New Day’s Future In NXT

The New Day Xavier Woods Kofi Kingston

Following their Tag Team Championship victory at Deadline, Shawn Michaels has spoken on the future of The New Day in NXT.

The New Day team of Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods made their return to NXT on December 6th and challenged Pretty Deadly to a Tag Team Championship match at Deadline.

At the event, the veteran duo were able to add to their already impressive list of accolades when they defeated the champions to win NXT tag gold for the first time.

Since then, many have wondered what the future hold for Woods and Kingston on the developmental brand. During a media call after Deadline, Mike Johnson of PWInsider asked about the New Day pair and Shawn Michaels addressed the situation.

“We had a call the other day, and I genuinely and sincerely was — we weren’t sure what we were going to do. I’m always pretty honest with you guys. You know, it’s one of those things like I’ll send a couple of texts and I’ll see what we can do.”

“Once again, none of it has been finalized yet, but I have every intention because, as best that I understand it right now, The New Day is still a part of SmackDown, so our titles should definitely be represented.

“That crossover that we had in the last several months is going to continue. I’ll say this, sometimes I think we lose concept of the fact that — I guess I’m always conservative, and I don’t ever want to bother anybody and I don’t push more than I should. But every now and then, heck, all I have to do is ask a question and Hunter [Triple H] says, ‘Yeah, sure.’ Then, we have to talk to talent and just see if it works for everybody.”

Shawn Michaels went on to say that he is hopeful New Day will still be a part of NXT when Vengeance Day hits Charlotte, North Carolina in February 2023.

“The thing is, I’m thinking about Vengeance Day but that isn’t, obviously, finalized, but I absolutely have to think about selling those tickets in Charlotte and finding out what we can do to best help that.

At this point right now, I can’t say that I know that New Day is going to be a part of that but I can promise you I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that they are because that’s something that’s going to be beneficial in making that premium live event in Charlotte something special.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.