Shawn Michaels Provides NXT Europe Update

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Whilst there is still plenty of work to do, Shawn Michaels has given an update on when NXT Europe could finally be launched.

In August 202, WWE announced that they would be launching NXT Europe. At that point NXT UK was disbanded, and shortly afterwards many of the talents which had been under contract were released. At the same time those who were retained are now on the main NXT roster, including the likes of Ilja Dragunov, Lyra Valkyrie, Gallus, JD McDonagh and Stevie Turner.

However, there have been very few updates on when NXT Europe will actually launch, and in turn if any talent which was released before will be brought back in.

In a recent discussion with Alex McCarthy at The Daily Mail, Shawn Michaels revealed that the brand is still in the planning phases, and that it will take a lot of work to make sure it is successful.

Things are still in the organizational stage and we are hoping we will have that up and running by the end of 2023. I’m really learning. It isn’t something you just throw together, especially if you want to set it up for success. I think everyone would feel a bit more comfortable if it takes a little bit longer to make sure we cross every t and dot every i, but still looking forward to trying to make that a reality by the end of 2023.

Shawn Michaels went on to give credit to those who have moved to the United States with NXT, and how exciting the future is for the brand.

It’s been an incredible learning experience for me, it has been an absolute blast too. I’m very much overjoyed about what we did with NXT UK, I had such a wonderful time doing that. It’s intimidating and exciting all at the same time, but again I am thankful that we were able to bring a lot of that British talent over, they’re incredibly talented and they all were in UK to eventually get to NXT and progress to RAW and SmackDown and they’re one step closer.

It’s great to have them all here. I’m excited with everything that’s going on in NXT, our biggest event of the year in Stand and Deliver is coming up, WrestleMania and across the WWE as a whole… It’s a really exciting time for everyone.