Shawn Michaels Names Surprising New NXT General Manager

Shawn Michaels

WWE NXT has a new General Manager and the person in charge is the youngest in company history to hold that role.

General Managers in WWE date back to 2002 when the brand split first saw Raw and SmackDown get different people put in charge of the shows. Since then, several WWE Hall of Famers have held the roles in WWE but now NXT has looked to the future for its own boss.

On the 23rd of January 2024 edition of the show, Shawn Michaels named Ava as NXT’s new General Manager. Dusty Rhodes, JBL, and William Regal all held the role in the past but the brand has been without a GM since William Regal was let go by the company in January 2022.

Ava Comments On New WWE NXT Role

Taking to social media, Ava commented on her new role and the fact that she is the youngest General Manager in WWE history:

it’s official now. welcome to a new era of nxt from the youngest gm in wwe history

William Regal returned to WWE TV for the first time since he returned to the company following his ill-fated stint in AEW.

Ava’s new job came on a big day for her family as her father The Rock was appointed to the Board of Directors of TKO.