Shawn Michaels Labels Mick Foley Feud “Most Underrated” Of His Career

Shawn Michaels Labels Mick Foley Feud

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels shared his views on his most underrated feuds, spotlighting his rivalry with Mick Foley as one of the most overlooked in his storied career.

During an interview with “The Schmo,” Shawn Michaels was asked about the most underrated feud of his career. He responded:

I don’t know if they were fused with the two matches that I’m pretty proud of, but (one of my most underrated feuds) was the one with Mankind. Mick and I had a hell of a match at Mind Games, but it was just a one-shot deal.

Michaels specifically highlighted their clash at WWE In Your House: Mind Games in 1996, recalling it as a standout moment. He emphasised the potential for a more extensive storyline with Foley, who wrestled under the moniker Mankind at the time. Reflecting on their encounter, Michaels expressed both pride and a sense of missed opportunity, stating:

And it’s one of those things that I always feel like had Mick and I had a better opportunity to have a much bigger storyline, we could have really done some fantastic things.

The match at Mind Games remains a memorable event for wrestling fans and critics alike. Despite Michaels’ belief that the feud was underrated, the match received widespread acclaim. It was awarded four and three-quarters stars by Dave Meltzer, reflecting its high quality and impact.

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