Shawn Michaels Was A Big Fan Of Departing WWE Star

Shawn Michaels NXT

Shawn Michaels remained a supporter of a WWE star despite creative disagreements.

On June 27th, Dijak announced he plans to leave WWE when his contract expires on June 28th.

In an open letter to fans on social media, the star said he attempted to start negotiations over a new deal but was “stonewalled” by the company. He added he was then told at the “11th hour” that his contract wouldn’t be renewed.

Dijak signed with WWE in 2017 and starred in NXT before moving to Raw as part of RETRIBUTION in 2020. When the group fell apart Dijak’s career stalled, but he found a new lease of life after returning to NXT in 2022. He was again called up to Raw as part of the 2024, but it was soon reported WWE had no plans for him, and he failed to make a single appearance on the Red brand.

Shawn Michaels Was A Vocal Supporter

A new report from Fightful Select has now given more information on Dijak’s exit and how he was viewed within the company. Fightful confirmed Dijak was told his contract wouldn’t be renewed sometime after his match on Speed with Xavier Woods, although it’s unknown when WWE made its decision.

It was also confirmed that Dijak was due to challenge for the NXT Title before being called up to Raw.

Shawn Michaels was said to be a big fan of the star, despite a couple of minor creative disagreements. Michaels even called Dijak directly to welcome him back to NXT.

Those Fightful spoke to were “shocked” the company didn’t negotiate with Dijak, with one talent noting that “20 years ago he would have had a job till his legs fell off.” There has been significant interest in the star both from inside and outside of wrestling, and major companies have already been in touch with his management.