Shawn Michaels Admits NXT Went Through ‘Difficult’ Period After Triple H Left

Shawn Michaels

Last year, Paul “Triple” Levesque was forced to undergo heart surgery after he suffered a major cardiac event, with the “King of All Kings” being in heart failure and having to use a defibrillator. Now, Shawn Michaels is admitting that it was tough to manage NXT while his long-time D-Generation X stable mate was away.

Now the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative with WWE, Shawn Michaels had to deal with a tough situation by taking the reins away from Triple H, while also still dealing with Vince McMahon at the top.

Shawn Michaels recently explained the past dilemma on “The MMA Hour”:

“Well, look, nothing sucks more than to have to follow in those footsteps, and then have all these abrupt changes that you have to then take over. I will say this, my knowledge at the time, for instance, the logo, that came at the last minute and even from Hunter’s standpoint, from the best of my understanding it was, ‘This is what it is.’ I think that’s maybe something a lot of people — and I saw the interview you did with Hunter where he said – look, I know there are a lot of things people thought he wouldn’t have done or decisions he didn’t make, but they actually were.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.