Update On Lineage Of New WWE World Title Won By Seth Rollins

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There’s a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion (Seth Rollins) leading to some fans wondering about the lineage of this new title.

A new WWE World Heavyweight Champion was crowned at Night of Champions on Saturday in Jeddah when Raw’s Seth “Freakin” Rollins beat Smackdown’s AJ Styles in the finals of the tournament.

After the match, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque, a WWE Hall of Famer that’s a 14-time WWE World Champion, presented Rollins with the new WWE World Title. As Triple H previously announced, the new championship held by Rollins will be defended on the WWE Raw brand.

For Seth Rollins, it was the third different “World” Title that he has won in WWE since he’s a two-time WWE Champion, two-time WWE Universal Champion and now the WWE World Champion meaning he’s a five-time World Champion in WWE.

As wrestling fans know, there was the “Big Gold Belt” with a history dating back to the NWA, then it was in WCW and WWE brought it over when they bought WCW in 2001 as well. Also, WWE had a World Heavyweight Title from when Eric Bischoff presented Triple H with a new World Title on Raw in late 2002. That title existed until late 2013 when WWE decided to unify those titles.

When WWE decided to go back to a brand split again in the summer of 2016, they created the WWE Universal Title. That’s the title that Roman Reigns has now held for 1,001 days and he’s also been the WWE Champion for the past 14 months. Instead of having Reigns lose one of those titles, WWE decided to create this new World Heavyweight Title instead.

What’s interesting about the WWE World Title is that on the company’s website, they have the old World Title on there, but the word “RETIRED” is on there.

As for the new WWE World Title won by Seth Rollins, on WWE’s website they have made it clear that this title does not have the same title lineage as the old World Heavyweight Title.

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Later at WWE Night of Champions, Seth Rollins said that he would be at Monday’s Raw and will regularly be on Raw moving forward as well with plans to defend the title as the new World Heavyweight Champion. Clearly, Rollins will be defending that World Heavyweight Title more than Roman Reigns defends his two titles.