Seth Rollins Believes Some WWE Stars Are Not Interested In Trying To Beat Roman Reigns

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Seth Rollins thinks that because Roman Reigns has a part-time schedule, there is less interest from WWE superstars in trying to defeat The Tribal Chief.

As the WWE World Heavyweight Champion since May 2023, Seth “Freakin” Rollins has taken on all comers for the past months. Rollins has established himself as a likable, babyface World Champion who has found a way to beat the likes of Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso, Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura in huge title matches.

Some of those title matches have taken place at PLE events, but Seth Rollins has also defended the World Title on Raw like he did on December 4th against Jey Uso.

When it comes to Roman Reigns, he only wrestled 11 times in 2023 and only defeated the Undisputed WWE Universal Title twice since WrestleMania 39 – SummerSlam against Jey Uso and Crown Jewel against LA Knight.

Roman Reigns has held the Undisputed WWE Universal Title for nearly 1200 days (it’s just the Universal Title, but they merged it with the WWE Title), yet if the title is barely defended, some people might question if the championship is as valuable as WWE treats it as.

Seth Rollins Discusses The Roman Reigns Title Reign

During the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina, Seth Rollins didn’t mince words when talking about the championship run of his former Shield buddy, Roman Reigns.

“To be honest, as of late, because he’s been so absent, I don’t think it’s been a topic of conversation amongst fans, let alone the locker room. I think it’s one of those things where it’s an opportunity, but it’s such a glass-ceiling opportunity. It feels like one of those things where it may never happen. What’s the point in wasting your time because the glass ceiling is so obvious and so thick, which is nice on my end with the World Heavyweight Championship.”

“I feel like there is much more of a real conversation to be had about who is the guy who is going to be able to dethrone me, if that’s ever the case, because I’m available, I’m around, I’m visible, and I put myself out there and take risks that Roman isn’t really taking at the moment.”

As Seth Rollins continued, he spoke about how when Roman Reigns returns, it could reignite some interest in the Tribal Chief’s title reign.

“Obviously, when he shows back up, whenever that may be, I think he has some SmackDowns coming up in the next month, maybe that will reignite that conversation, especially moving into WrestleMania season, where we can assume he’ll be at that show. Safe to assume, I think.”

“Once he shows up a little bit more, that conversation might reignite a little bit, but that’s more of a fanbase and audience thing, just a ‘who is going to do it?’ From a locker room perspective, it’s one of those things where Roman is off on his own, in his own world, doing his own thing, take a little rowboat out to the island of relevancy, check the weather, and leave. For us, it’s not as big of a thing, it doesn’t seem prominent to everyone.”

Roman Reigns is set for his WWE return on the December 15th episode of SmackDown where he will likely start his championship rivalry with Randy Orton, who is rumored to be Roman’s opponent at the Royal Rumble in January.

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