Seth Rollins Talks Toughness Of Wrestlers Compared To NFL Players

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Seth Rollins has made it clear that he thinks pro wrestlers are definitely tougher than NFL players and did his best to explain why.

As a former four-time World Champion in WWE (two times with the WWE Title and two times with the Universal Title), Seth “Freakin” Rollins is one of the best ambassadors for the company since he’s a top guy in the prime of his career that’s doing very well.

Seth Rollins is also a big football fan. As wrestling fans know on Twitter from following him, Rollins loves the Chicago Bears. Seth is also known for tweeting “I hate football” during the many Bears losses although if they do win a game, he will tweet “I love football” sometimes too.

Since this is Super Bowl 57 week, Rollins made the trip to Arizona to do plenty of interviews to represent WWE while also talking about football as well.

On the Sports Illustrated Twitter account, Seth Rollins was asked about who is tougher between pro wrestlers and NFL players. Not surprisingly, Rollins backed pro wrestlers.

“Oh, professional wrestlers, there’s no doubt about it. Do you need a reason why? I mean, we do this year round. We don’t get no breaks, baby, we’re doing it all the time. There ain’t no season, no off season, no recoup, no rehab, no none of that. We don’t got the trainers, we don’t got the staff that the NFL’s got. Absolutely pro wrestlers are tougher, no doubt about it.”

Seth Rollins will be part of the WWE Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event on February 18th in Montreal when he competes in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match for the US. Rollins will be in the match with the US Champion Austin Theory, Damian Priest, Johnny Gargano, Bronson Reed and Montez Ford.

In another interview, Seth Rollins admitted that CM Punk was a good guy to him even though Rollins doesn’t think so highly of the former WWE Champion these days.