Seth Rollins Calls Top WWE Star “Selfish S.O.B.”

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins had some strong words to say about a former WWE rival that had an impressive showing in the Men’s Royal Rumble match.

When it comes to interviews, Seth “Freakin” Rollins is known for speaking his mind. Whether he’s doing it as a character or simply speaking as his true self, Rollins is known to ruffle feathers a bit. Recently, Rollins called former WWE and AEW World Champion CM Punk a “cancer” among other things as he made it clear that WWE doesn’t want Punk back even if he is available.

It was a great 2022 for Rollins thanks to many memorable matches he had with the likes of Bobby Lashley, Matt Riddle, Austin Theory and of course, Cody Rhodes. The Rollins-Rhodes rivalry saw Cody win at WrestleMania 38, WrestleMania Backlash and inside Hell in a Cell while Cody wrestled with a torn pectoral muscle. That Hell in a Cell match was considered by many people to be the best match of the year as well.

In an interview with WrestlingInc prior to the Royal Rumble, Seth Rollins was asked about Cody Rhodes making his WWE return in the Rumble after having surgery for a torn pectoral muscle in June 2022.

“Look, I never had any disrespect toward Cody Rhodes. The only disrespect I had for Cody Rhodes was that he tried to come in and steal my spotlight. I shouldn’t say “tried to steal it.” He tried to use my spotlight to catapult himself to where he wants to go. So there’s nothing more selfish in the world. Don’t let anything fool you. Cody Rhodes is a selfish S.O.B. He’s not coming back for anything but himself.”

It’s very likely that most of Seth’s comments were in character there and if you don’t know what the short form means, “S.O.B.” is short for “son of a b**ch” so it’s not a flattering term that he used for Cody.

During the Royal Rumble match last Saturday, Seth Rollins was eliminated by Logan Paul. Rollins dismissed a question about Paul two days later on Raw. It is believed that WWE is planning to have Rollins face Paul at WrestleMania 39 in April, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

H/T WrestlingInc