Seth Rollins Talks WWE Crowds Interrupting Promos With His Song

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has given his true opinion on if it bothers him when WWE crowds interrupt promos by singing his catchy theme song.

For most of the last three years, Seth Rollins (the man with “Freakin” as a nickname) was one of the top heels in WWE. However, in the past six months or so, WWE decided to listen to its audience and make Rollins into a babyface again due to the popularity of Seth’s theme song.

When that familiar music hits and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins emerges, the arena serenades him with his “WHOA-OH-OH” song that has an easy beat that fans love to sing along with.

Over the past few months, Seth Rollins even poses in the ring after the music stops playing during his entrance and the fans keep singing the song while the music has stopped. That’s very rare to see in wrestling, but it shows how much fans like the song and also love seeing Rollins perform as one of the best wrestlers in the business today.

During the June 12th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, Finn Balor was in the ring with Rollins to do a promo to set up their World Title match at Money in the Bank. What made it more interesting than usual is that the fans kept singing Seth’s song while Balor tried to speak.

While speaking to the New York Post, Seth Rollins made it clear that he has no problem with the fans throwing a heel rival off by singing Seth’s song. Rollins was asked if he thinks that he should try to control the crowd in a situation like that.

“No. (Laughs) Why would I want to stop it? They’re doing my thing for me. Why would I want to stop them? What good is that? That’s silly. They “What” people when they’re bored with them. They’re singing my song to my opponent to aggravate him, to piss him off. They know that it annoys him so they keep doing it.”

“That’s as good as it gets. If he was a heel out there standing by himself and they were booing him out of the building a la Dominik Mysterio and he couldn’t get a word in, everyone would be thinking that’s the greatest thing ever.”

“The fact that there is a babyface who has something like that to utilize to antagonize the bad guy, it doesn’t get any better than that. Why would I ever want to stop them? I say party all night long. Mind you, I didn’t tell them to party all night long. All I did was stand there and when I talk, they listen. So, what does that tell you?”

“I do have some control of them. I hope it’s like that every single time my opponent picks up a microphone to say something bad to me. Please, bring it on. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the fire baby.”

Since winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last month, Seth Rollins has been a fighting champion just like he said he would be. Rollins defends that title against Bron Breakker this Tuesday on NXT and if he wins that then he defends the WHC against Finn Balor at Money in the Bank on July 1st as well.

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